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Style™ Range Refrigerator & Appliance Latch - 2 Pack

Dreambaby® Style™ Refrigerator Latches ultra-durable locks, specifically designed to fit onto refrigerators to prevent from opening it and hurting themselves.

The silver finish will perfectly complement a stainless steel appliance.


The Dreambaby® Style™ Refrigerator Latch is a must for your childproofing checklist. It helps prevent household accidents and food spoilage, while the stylish silver finish will blend with your stainless steel interiors.

  • Helps stop children from opening and possibly climbing inside potentially dangerous fridges and freezers.
  • No screws, no fuss – simply place on appliance above child’s reach.
  • Helps keep children safe in the kitchen, the most dangerous room in the home.

Watch the video for more information.

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