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Style™ Range Multi-Purpose Clear Latch - 6 Pack

Dreambaby® Style™ Style Multi-Purpose Clear Latches are the only home safety solution that complements stainless steel appliances. They can be used in every room of the home and can prevent children from many injuries.

Suitable for most cabinets, drawers and appliances these ultra-durable locks will blend seamlessly with your existing home décor.


Dreambaby® Style™ Multi-Purpose Latches are so useful around the home, as they can be used on almost any surface to add safety and prevent injury to curious little children who want to explore every cabinet, cupboard, drawer and appliance in the house. With super-strength adhesive backing, they can be effortlessly applied to most surfaces including glass, timber, metal and laminates.

  • Measures approx 6.75" long overall
  • Helps prevent children from accessing cupboards, cabinets, refrigerators, appliances and toilets
  • Made from a strong, clear plastic that will not damage surfaces and are easily attached and removed
  • Flexible plastic easily wraps around corners
  • Silver color discs blends seamlessly with silver finish or stainless steel

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