Liberty Xtra-Tall Security Gate with Smart Stay-Open Feature - White

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Liberty Xtra-Tall Security Gate with Smart Stay-Open Feature - White


Dreambaby® Liberty Xtra-Tall Security Gate with Stay-Open Feature is a fantastic addition to every childproof home. They are suitable for doorways and hallways sized 29.5" to 33" and are 36.5” tall. With optional extensions, sold separately, they can fit openings up to 54". For the quiet times when your child is asleep, or while carrying in the shopping with not a spare finger left to be able to open a gate, it has the absolutely fabulous Stay-Open feature. Just position the door in the stay-open position and it will stay wide open till you choose to close it. These gates are pressure-mounted, which means fuss free installation with no screws or drilling required - perfect for temporary or rental properties.

  • Double Locking Mechanism - There is a double locking feature to help ensure your little one won't get it open. The first lock is at the top and it's a slide button, once the button is slid, lift the gate door up to pull out of the bottom lock
  • Smart Stay-Open Feature - The Stay-Open feature is ideal for when you need your gate to remain completely opened; it's perfect for times when your hands are full, you're clearing the table or entertaining guests
  • Top of Stair Approved - Suitable for doorways, hallways, top of stairs, and bottom of stairs
  • One Handed Operation - To open slide the button and lift the door straight up
  • Great for Pets Too - Made of strong, high-quality materials to keep even the most eager pets restricted to a desired area

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