Secure-A-Lock - 3 Pack

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Secure-A-Lock - 3 Pack


Dreambaby® Secure-A-Locks can be applied to cupboards and cabinets with mushroom shaped knobs or D-shaped handles. With a quick snap lock motion, they help prevent children from opening cabinets and cupboards doors with potentially dangerous contents in any area including the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, garage and living areas.  

  • The Dreambaby Secure-A-Lock has a different opening and closing mechanism to other Dreambaby® products. Installing a variety of safety latches in your home helps prevent your child learning how to use the latches by doing what children do best - watching and mimicking
  • Suitable for use with mushroom shaped knobs, with a stem up to 0.75 inch in diameter
  • Suitable for D-shaped handles that are up to 3.75 inch apart
  • Extendable to fit most knobs and handles
  • Simply press in top and bottom center button and pull out Secure-A-Lock to the desired length

                 Watch the video for more information.

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