Rapid Response Digital Thermometer

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Rapid Response Digital Thermometer


The Dreambaby® Rapid Response Digital Thermometer is a must for your getting-ready-for-baby checklist. Be prepared for any emergency or simply put your mind at ease with an accurate reading in just eight seconds!Any parent knows how difficult it is to take the temperature of a sick child. If they are feverish and ill, having them hold a thermometer in their mouth - or elsewhere - for 20 or 30 seconds can be an absolute nightmare. The Dreambaby Rapid Response Digital Thermometer is a fantastic product which should be an essential in every home. It comes equipped with a state of the art fever alert light-up indicator which will indicate the temperature in under 8 seconds. The display will instantly turn red if a fever – temperature above 99.7F (37.0C) – is indicated and green if temperature is within normal range. This product is of course useful not only for children, but adults too, and is made from durable material which will last for years. 

The 'Lo’ or ‘Hi’ indications on the display mean that the temperature cannot be measured because the temperature is outside the temperature range; It is standard practice for the majority of digital thermometers to display a "LO" sign when turning the device on. This means "LOW TEMPERATURE". This is because these types of thermometers are made to measure Body Temperature, so when outside the body, the temperature is usually LOWER. Once placed in one of the methods for body temperature measurement, orally, underarm or rectally, the thermometer will give an accurate reading.

  • Choose either Fahrenheit or Celsius 
  • Flexible tip for easier use and greater comfort for baby 
  • Can be used for underarm or rectum
  • Fever alert light-up indicator which will indicate the temperature in under 8 seconds
  • Extra-large easy to read display and accurate temperature reading
  • Case for hygienic storage

                    Watch the video for more information.

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